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Everything you wanted to know about Robert Burns, Scotland's national bard (and lots more besides). Please let us know if anything's missing, wrong, or just plain wonderful

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If you know of any Robert Burns-related site that you believe should be listed here, please let us know! We only update periodically, but your message will be reviewed and considered for inclusion. Thanks!

Robert Burns' Life & Family

Burns Life and Times A substantial chronology, from David Sibbald, plus sections on Facts and the Stories behind the Songs
From Local Hero To Legend A biography from Scotland Online
Robert Burns Family Tree John Burness's remarkable research - an invaluable resource for anyone looking into their own family connections

Robert Burns in Atholl

John Robertson's piece on Burns' time in this area

A Celebration of Burns Life and Works

Brief biography with pictures and an article about social history
Burns DNA Project An astonishing idea which could end those 'are we related' arguments

Works & Quotations

The Complete Works of Robert Burns online Our own archive
Analysis of Burns Poems Excellent resource with insights into many works
Familiar Burns Quotes From Barleby.com's Great Books Online
Hear a few works being read live Courtesy of the Gaelic homepage
The Poetry of Robert Burns Lady Nancy A. MacCorkill's celebration
John Lapraik - a friend of Burns A labour of love by his namesake - the complete works of a contemporary poet

Glossary & Translation

The Vocabulary of Robert Burns If you find the language hard to understand, you'll find this very helpful indeed
Robert Burns in Russian We haven't a clue what it's about!

Burns Suppers

Burns Suppers Our own site with most of what you'll need to know, kindly edited by Bennet Fischer
My Supper with Rabbie Bennet's own site with much the same information
A Toast to the Lassies If you've been asked to deliver one this year, here's an example!
The Burns Supper David Sibbald's section with extensive info
Sequence of Events Tom Kreitberg's quick list, with recipes
The Making of a Haggis Anecdotal stuff from Scotland Online - basically an advertisement for Macsweens butchers
A Burns Supper Also from Scotland Online.

Readings & Resources

The Burns Encyclopedia This is of course the single most useful Burns resource online!
Essays on Robert Burns Thought-provoking essays by David Sibbald
Scotland's Cultural Resources Access Network A major national project assembling Burns artifacts. (If that link goes dead, try the SCRAN homepage.)
Scotch College Library ...in Melbourne Australia has an extensive collection of Burns material, but the link we had is dead so if you're interested you'll have to email them.
Alloway Publishing Publishers of Burns books published in 'Burns Country'
A print of the lower fall of Foyers See print 7 - included here just because it's nice!
The World of Robert Burns CD ROM This won the British Education Training and Technology Gold Award for 1996.
Burns CD They may have an information site too if it's back again

Visits & Tours

The Burns National Heritage Park All the major sites in and around Alloway
Ellisland Farm Robert Burns museum and visitor attraction, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
Ayrshire Online Badly designed site for the local area
Maybole It was in Maybole that the parents of Robert Burns met, courted and married.
Travel-Scotland Local tours of Burns Country
Thistlestop Travel Custom tours of Burns Country

Speakers & Performers
Note: listing here does not indicate any form of recommendation as we have no direct experience of the work. If you contact them and receive no response, please let us know so that we may remove dead links!

David Sibbald Expert Burnsian and after-dinner speaker
The Ayres Scottish based singer and guitar accompanist
Rantin' Rovin' Robin' A play available for Burns Nights
David Skipper US storyteller & actor specialising in Burns
Robbie Robertson Performs speeches and recitations for Burns Suppers in North America
David Arditti Musical settings of Burns songs
Richard Kennedy-Moffat New Zealand: written and performed a one hour long dramatisation on the life and works of Robert Burns
Andy M Stewart sings Burns A fine example of Burns songs, with well-researched background notes on all the songs
Elspeth Smellie Scottish Harp Player, Singer & Composer with an impressive CV
Chris Robinson Outreach Officer for Scottish Language Dictionaries, available to visit groups and societies throughout Scotland to discuss the Dictionaries and Scots Language in general

Clubs and Societies

The Burns Federation The Burns Federation at last has a catchy new email address: 'robertburnsfederation@kilmarnock26.freeserve.co.uk' (so now we only need to get them to accept the free web site we have been offering for years!)
Burns Howff Club The Burns Howff Club is a society celebrating his life, works and contribution to Scottish heritage.
Scottish World Regretfully, we have had to remove our old index of Scottish clubs worldwide due to the costs of upkeep; we are exploring alternatives and seeking sponsors for a replacement.


Clarinda - the film The status of this project is currently, erm... unclear
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