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Introduction -- Contents -- Extracts -- About the Author

The Best of Robert Burns in English
By William Curran

Full Content Listing

Tam O’Shanter To a Young Lady
The Iventory Last May a Braw Wooer
The Two Dogs The Selkirk Grace
My Handsome Nell O For One and Twenty Tam
The Dunfries Volunteers Bess and Her Spinning Wheel
I’m Far Too Young To Marry Man Was Made to Mourn
What Can a Young Lassie Do ? To a Mouse
The Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie Poor Mailie’s Elegy
To a Haggis The Soldier’s Return
The Banks of Doon A Red Red Rose
On the Poet’s Daughter The Holy Fair
My Heart Was Once Verses to my Bed
The Cotter’s Saturday Night Willie’s Wife
To Mrs Scott of Wauchope To a Louse
O Good Ale Comes To John Kennedy
The Lass Who Made The Bed For Me To a Kiss
Whistle, And I’ll Come To You My Lad To a Mountain Daisy
Halloween There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Home
The American War The Golden Locks Of Anna
Afton Water Address to the Very Good
To Daunton Me To a Painter
When I Think on the Happy Days Death and Dr. Hornbook
Verses to a Lady Address to the Toothache
The Ruined Maid’s Lament Ae Fond Kiss
A Winter Night Oh, Aye, My Wife She Dang Me
The Tarbolton Lasses The Ronalds
Beware O’Bonnie Ann Postscript
My Own Kind Dearie Had I the Wyte
My Lady’s Gown Holy Willie’s Prayer
Epitaph On Holy Willie For All That and All That
Scotch Drink Tibbie I Hae Seen the Day
Address to the Devil Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin
She Says She Loves Me Best of A’ Happy Friendship
The Carle of Kellyburn Braes Lament for Mary Queen of Scots
The Rigs of Barley Address of Beelzebub
The Poet’s Welcome To His Illegitimate Child The Winter of Life
Green Grow the Rashes Mary
Will Ye go to The Indies My Mary Highland Mary
To Mary in Heaven Lines on Meeting With Lord Daer
Bonnie Jean Ye Ha’e Lien Wrang, Lassie
Willie Chalmers The Brigs of Ayr
A Dedication to Gavin Hamilton Esq Nothing
O Lassie Art Thou Sleeping Yet Oh, Mally’s Meek, Mally’s Sweet
A Bard’s Epitaph Oh, Willie Brewed a Peck of Malt
The Posie Answer to a Poetical Epistle
Travelling Tinker’s Song There Was a Lass
The Vision The Epistles To John Lapraik
Epistle to John Lapraik Second Epistle to Lapraik
Third Epistle to John Lapraik On Scaring Some Waterfowl On Loch Turit
The Blue Eyed Lass When First I Saw Fair Jeanie’s Face
Elegy on the Year 1788 The Discreet Hint
John Anderson, My Jo Written in Friar’s Carse Hermitage
Contented with Little Here’s to Thy Health My Bonnie Lass
Poem Addressed to Mr Mitchell Postscipt
The Bookworms Captain Francis Grose
Mauchline Belles The Jolly Beggars
A Mother’s Lament Auld Lang Syne
Tam Glen The Deuks Dang O’er My Daddy
Country Lassie O Steer Her Up
Burns by Whittier Robert Burns by Longfellow
The Old Farmer’s New Year Morning Salutation to his Old Mare Maggie Verses on The Destruction of Woods Near Drumlandrig
The author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer, To The Scotch Representatives in The House Of Commons

Introduction -- Contents -- Extracts -- About the Author

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